Monday, November 24, 2014

5K -> 13.1

Ok, I'm jumping back onto the horse. I'm going to do a 6-week training program starting this week. My goal is to be able to run a 5K comfortably after 6 weeks of training. The training plan ends the week of 12/29. Essentially it starts with three runs 2, 1.5, and 2 miles for a total of 5.5 miles the first week.

If I feel fine, I'm going to pursue the half-marathon Philly LOVE Run, which is on March 29th.

It's running time !

Sunday, May 4, 2014

progress report

where I currently stand with respect to my 5 core lifts.
Weighed in on Friday at 214.8 lbs.

Still increasing by 5 lbs at each workout.
Last 3 workouts:
4/30: 265x3x5
4/25: 260x3x5
4/21: 255x3x5

Bench press:
I think it's time to deload by 20% on the bench. I need to really work on my form (keeping my shoulders back, keep my entire body tight with my feet planted on the floor).
Last 3 workouts:
4/30: 185x1x5; 185x2x4
4/25: 185x1x5; 185x1x4; 185x1x3
4/21: 185x1x4; 185x2x4
So, while I was making progress with actual reps completed, I still think it'd be beneficial to bring the weight down a bit and concentrate on form.

Still increasing by 10 lbs at each workout.
Last 3:
4/30: 315x1x5
4/25: 305x1x5
4/21: 295x1x5

Overhead press:
Last 3:
4/28: 120x1x4; 120x2x2
4/23: 120x3x3
4/16: 115x3x5
I have one more try at 120 for 5 reps.

Barbell Bent-over row
I pretty much restarted this exercise to establish different form, doing the pendlay row technique (body at 90 degree angle so once I reach 135lbs it's almost like a deadlift).
last 3:
4/28: 110x3x5
4/23: 105x3x5
4/16: 100x3x5

Friday, April 25, 2014

forget running

Running is just too painful, so I'm putting on the back burner. Cycling is where it's at for me, so I've joined cycle classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Y.

Current stats:
weight: 211.6
Squat (3x5): 255
Bench (3x5): 180
Deadlift (1x5): 295
OHP (3x5): 115
BB Rows (3x5): 105

Today's lifts:

I failed at the Bench on Monday pressing 185, so I'm trying the same weight again. Squat is progressing nicely, along with DLs and BB Rows. Today I'm going for 305 on the deadlift.

On Wednesday I did a circuit of dumbbell workouts via Mike Chang that I did after my Starting Strength B workout sans squats (OHP and BB Rows).
4 rounds (25lb weight):
DB Row (10 reps)
DB Bench (10 reps)
DB Curls (10 reps)
DB tricep extension (20 reps)
Shoulder Shrugs (20 reps)
This was a good workout, got my blood pumping and felt good overall. I don't know what kind of real gains I can expect, but I do enjoy working with the dumbbell.

My current routine, which seems to be changing over time, but still includes the core lifts:
Monday: SS A
Tuesday: Cycle class (1 hour)
Wednesday: SS B (minus squats to give my legs a rest), dumbbell workout
Thursday: Rest
Friday: SS A
Saturday: Cycle class (1 hour)
Sunday: Rest

Monday, April 7, 2014

Goals this week, week of 4/7

The Kevin Cain Make My Day 5K turned out great. I didn't get a PR, but I did hit a respectable time of 27:27. (My 5K PR is 26:18, Crystal City Twilight 5K).

Schedule this week:
Jog 10 minutes (EASY)
Squat: 240x3x5
Bench: 180x3x5
Deadlift: 270x3x5
Accessory work

Run 3 miles (EASY)

Rest / Stretch

Run 3 miles (Medium)

Jog 10 minutes (EASY)
Squat: 245x3x5
OHP: 115x3x5
Pendlay row: 100x3x5
Accessory work

Rest / Stretch

Run 4 miles (LSD)


I'm going for 3 PRs this week. Bench 180, OHP 115, and running 4 miles. I'm bringing back the long run, which I'll do on Sunday mornings. This will give my body plenty of time to rest before I lift Monday evening.

Lifting PRs (5RM)
Squat: 255
Deadlift: 275
Bench: 175
OHP: 110
Pendlay: 150

When it comes to accessory work, I just do whatever I feel like doing, just having fun in the weight room. (DB curls, hammer curls, skull crushers, etc.) I keep track, but there's no set plan.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

good run

Had a good run with Lauren yesterday, she's convinced me to keep up the running to help with my mood.

So here's my new work out regimen:
Jog 10 mins
SS Workout A: Squats, Bench press, Deadlifts

Run 3 miles (easy)

walk 60 minutes

Run 3 miles (hard)

Jog 10 mins
SS Workout B: Squats, OHP, BB Row

walk 60 minutes

Run 3 miles (moderate)

I'm going to start this next week. I'm running the Kevin Cain Make My Day 5K this Sunday (sponsor me!). []

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

great workout yesterday

The weights are getting heavy again, which is a great thing. I did workout A of starting strength, followed by some accessory work.

Compound lifts:
Squat: 230x3x5
Bench: 175x3x5
Deadlift: 265x1x5

Accessory work:
Barbell curl: 40x3x8
skull crushers: 50x3x8
Hammer curls: 20x1x8, 25x2x8

Followed this up with 9 hours of sleep last night.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SS workout B

Today is workout B for starting strength:

squat 220x3x5
bench: 165x3x5
deadlift: 250x3x5

I did some EZ curls and skullcrushers last workout. Now my arm hurts. great.